Best 32 Taper Haircut Designs Must Try In 2023

Taper Designs

Taper designs haircuts are now popular among men and women who want fashionable, adaptable hairstyles. Taper haircuts’ clean, sharp looks have taken over hairstyling. Classic, trendy, and innovative styles are available for all hair types and preferences.
Taper haircuts offer a professional and personalized style. The smooth transition from long hair on top to shorter sides and back is elegant. Taper haircuts can be styled for formal or casual events. They’re useful and stylish, even for active lifestyles.
taper designs haircuts are desirable because they suit many facial shapes. Taper styles can enhance a round, square, or oval face. Celebrities also helped popularize taper haircuts. The trend has been fueled by celebrities wearing taper cuts on red carpets and in movies.
Taper haircuts are popular due to their little maintenance. Trimming and touch-ups can maintain a new haircut. Proper washing, conditioning, and style can help keep the taper cut sharp and intact.

Taper Haircut Design’s Examples

If you’re interested in adding some flair to your Taper designs haircut with a design, or if you’re considering trying this style for the first time, here are 32 fashionable taper design ideas that you can experiment with right away.

Taper Fade With Side Part And Design

The designed taper fade is a contemporary hairstyle that merges the classic side part with a touch of boldness. To achieve this look, it’s best to visit a skilled barber who can create a regular side part taper fade for you. Make sure to specifically ask the barber to use a razor without a guard to create a straight line.
For a neater appearance, the line can be further refined using a traditional razor. Apply a small amount of pomade and comb your hair in the direction of its natural part after drying.

Curly Taper Fade With Design

The curly taper fades with design is a stylish and eye-catching haircut that combines the elegance of a taper fade with the unique texture of curly hair. This haircut involves gradually fading from longer lengths at the top to shorter lengths on the sides and back, creating a seamless transition. The addition of intricate designs adds a touch of creativity and personalization to the hairstyle.
The natural curls add volume and dimension, resulting in a bold and dynamic look. The curly Taper designs fade with design is a fantastic choice for individuals with curly hair who want a haircut that stands out and showcases their individuality.

Tapered Crew Cut With Designed Back

The tapered crew cut with a designed back is a modern and edgy variation of the classic crew-cut hairstyle. This haircut features a gradual Taper design on the sides and back, creating a clean and polished look, while the top is kept slightly longer for added texture and versatility. What sets this style apart is the intricate design carved into the back of the head, adding a unique and personalized touch. The designed back can range from geometric patterns to more intricate motifs, allowing individuals to express their creativity and individuality. The tapered crew cut with a designed back is a bold choice for those who want a contemporary and eye-catching haircut that showcases their personal style.

Mullet + Tapered Sides + Design

The mullet is a unique and trendy hairstyle that focuses the hair at the middle of the head, while the sides can be either shaved or faded. In this particular haircut, the sides are skillfully faded, creating a clean and sharp look. To add an extra touch of style, a design is incorporated on the left side of the head.
It’s important to note that achieving the perfect mullet requires the right length and texture of hair. A skilled hairstylist can analyze your hair and make sure it’s suitable for this style. With the proper size and texture, you can rock this fashionable and edgy mullet haircut with confidence.

Takuache Haircut With Razor Decals

The Caesar cut is currently one of the most popular hairstyles for men, and incorporating shaved designs can enhance its overall appeal. This particular hairstyle features a Caesar cut with a unique and eye-catching swirling waves design, which is not commonly seen but has the potential to make you the center of attention and elevate your overall appearance.
To achieve this style, the hair on the sides and back is trimmed short in a low taper fade, while the hair on the front is kept slightly longer and brushed forward to emulate the iconic look of the Roman General Caesar. On the sides, razor lines are carefully crafted to create a combination of intricate swirls and waves.
This hairstyle not only adds a touch of creativity but also pays homage to the timeless Caesar cut, giving it a modern twist. This unusual appearance lets you stand out and show off your style.

Tapered Side Swept With Short Lightning Bolt

Among the younger generation, who is eager to experiment with different shaved styles for their hair, the lightning bolt design has greatly increased in favor. The following hair design is a unique variation of the lightning bolt, featuring a shorter lightning bolt shape created on the side of the hair using razor lines.
To achieve this style, the hair on the sides and back is trimmed short in a mid-taper fade, while the hair on the front is left longer. The longer hair is then styled in a side-swept manner, where the hair is brushed or combed to one side without creating a distinct parting.
This hairstyle highlights your outspoken personality and sense of style while providing a distinctive and contemporary image. With the lightning bolt accent, you can add a touch of creativity and individuality to your hairstyle, making it a true reflection of your unique character.

Ocean Wave With Half Line

Adding a half line to your ocean wave hairstyle can provide you with a sleek and contemporary look.

To give your hair a sleek texture, make sure it’s damp before applying a sufficient amount of gel or pomade.
Next, using a comb, make a wavy section on your head by moving it in the direction you want. This will help create a distinct separation between the sections of your hair. To ensure your style stays intact throughout the day, lightly spritz your hair with some hairspray, helping to keep everything in place and maintain the crispness of the half line.
By incorporating this detail into your ocean wave hairstyle, you can elevate your overall appearance and exude a sense of modern sophistication.

Curly Shag Haircut With Designed Back

Why not add some style to your curly shag hairstyle if you like it? The combination of a curly shag with a designed back is the perfect way to embrace your natural curls while adding a touch of flair.

Choosing a carefully crafted taper fade will look gorgeous with curly hair.
Consult a qualified barber who can properly execute the planned Taper designs fade if you want to have this style. The tailored back gives your haircut a distinctive and individualized touch, while the taper fade will give you a neat and professional appearance.

This combination allows you to showcase your curly hair with confidence and style. Embracing your natural curls while incorporating a trendy design will undoubtedly make a statement and enhance your overall look.

Back Taper Fade

Adding a beautiful side haircut to a taper fade can really boost its appearance. A razor or clippers can be used to produce a creative haircut design. Let your creativity flow for a great result.
With the correct tools and ingenuity, you may play with patterns, shapes, and lines to create a distinctive and eye-catching aesthetic.

The subtlety or strength of the design can be used to express your sense of style and personality.
When you mix a taper fade with a unique design, your haircut takes on a statement-making quality. Your hairstyle is distinguished by its artistic quality. Let your creativity lead you as you explore the endless possibilities of adding a stunning design to your taper fade.

Curly Fade With Lines

Your natural curls are surely a blessing, and with a taper fade and a short-lined style, you have the chance to make them even more attractive. Your curly hair gains a touch of elegance and professionalism thanks to the taper fade and the clean lines. The taper fade works wonders in managing your curls, providing a clean and polished appearance while allowing your curls to shine. It balances and highlights your hair’s natural texture.
Incorporating short-lined designs adds an extra element of sophistication to your hairstyle. Whether it’s a modest geometric pattern or a more elaborate design, these lines may quickly make your look more eye-catching and unique.
By embracing your natural curls and pairing them with a taper fade and short-lined design, you’re able to showcase your individuality and enjoy a stylish, professional, and effortlessly cool hairstyle.

Man Bun Undercut With Tribal Design

The man bun undercut is popular among long-haired people of all ages. Shaved designs might improve their charm on an adaptable basis. A man bun undercut with a tribal side design is the haircut I’ll cover here.
This style is achieved by trimming the back and sides in a high-taper fade. The long front hair is gathered into a stunning top bun, giving elegance and individuality to the outfit. The back and sides’ short hair are shaved in a tribal pattern to give flair.
A tribal man bun undercut will make you stand out. It exudes confidence and personality, assuring that you’ll adore your unique look for years to come.

Taper Fade Dreads With Tribal Pattern

For long, kinky hair, dreadlock hairstyles can give a striking and unique aesthetic. Dreadlocks with a taper fade and razor-drawn tribal designs on the side hair will be discussed in this article.
This style requires a taper fade on the sides. After that, razor lines are painstakingly etched onto the side hair to create elaborate tribal patterns that mimic mazes or other geometric motifs. Artistry and individuality are added by these designs.
Elegant and versatile, the dreadlocks are gathered near the back and arranged into a ponytail. For long-haired people who want to exhibit their originality and culture, this haircut is perfect.
You can create a distinctive and eye-catching hairdo by mixing the taper fade with dreads and tribal designs.

Low Tapered Afro

This design is perfect if you want a unique afro cut. Its low taper fades and head design gives flair and sophistication to your look.
For people who want a well-groomed look with some length and volume, the low taper fade is popular. Its sleek, polished style suits many facial types and hair textures.
Head designs boost this style. This design might be abstract or detailed geometric patterns. The head design shows your uniqueness and style while adding inventiveness.
This style balances style with decency. It lets you be yourself while looking polished. This afro cut with a head design will stand out in a casual or formal setting.

Dreadlocks + Taper Design

Combining a fade, dreadlocks, and a unique side design will modernize your look. Long dreadlocked hair works best for this technique, and a hair band makes it easy to maintain.
The fade’s clean, precise style contrasts with the textured dreadlocks. The sides are ideal for complicated designs, tribal themes, or personal symbols. Your haircut becomes more unique with this design feature.
By wearing your hair in an updo with a hair band, you can show off your dreadlocks’ length and beauty. This style lets you show your own personality and enjoy your long dreadlocked hair’s adaptability.
The combination of fade, dreadlocks, and a unique side design is current and fashionable. It’s a terrific haircut for folks who want to make a statement and express themselves.

Elegant Brushed Up

If you want to look better, use the brushed-up taper fade. This stylish hairstyle is produced by adding a cross-design to the back of your head and keeping the front hair longer.
A clean and polished look is achieved by progressively fading the sides and back of the hair. The longer front hair is combed up and styled to provide height and volume.
This style is distinguished by the cross design on the back of the skull. The hairstyle is unique because of this design aspect.
You can obtain a fashionable, modern look by choosing the brushed-up taper fade with a cross-design. It’s adaptable and suits many occasions, helping you feel confident and look your best.

High Taper Fade With Design

This variety may require monthly barber visits to maintain the desired look.
Start with blow-drying your hair and applying pomade for a sleek and finished taper fade. Next, comb your hair backward using a comb to make it look clean and smooth.
This style requires more maintenance, but the outcome is a sharp, sophisticated look that emanates confidence and refinement. You may show your attention to detail and commitment to style by wearing this taper fade.

Taper Fade Comb Over Design

The taper fade design is a fashionable and modern comb-over hairstyle with an edgy design that emphasizes it. Ask your barber for a standard taper fade comb-over with a design at the end that matches your natural partition to get this striking style.
This style is simple. After blow-drying, apply pomade for shine and hold. Next, comb your hair backward to define the comb-over.
By choosing this taper fade design, you’re adopting a modern hairstyle that seamlessly blends refinement and edginess. It’s a bold pick that shows off your flair and attention to detail. With its comb-over and design, this look will stick out.

Curly Fade + Lines

There are techniques to enhance and embrace your natural curls. One way is to pair your curls with a taper fade and short-lined design. Curls are easy to manage and can create a professional look when combined with a taper fade and short-lined design.
The taper fade gives your hairdo a clean, crisp look, while the short-lined pattern makes it unique. Their contrast enhances your appearance.
By embracing your natural curls and using a taper fade with a short-lined design, you enhance their beauty and show off your style and attention to detail. It’s an excellent method to distinguish yourself.

Flat Top Fade With Design

The taper fades hairstyle with a flat top is a contemporary and stylish look that can be further enhanced with a well-executed design for a flawless finish. To obtain this appearance, you need a professional barber who can execute your concept. The crisp forehead fade creates the required look and refines the design.
You may merge the taper fade and flat top into a trendy, eye-catching haircut with the correct barber and attention to detail. Designing your look makes it unique. Embracing this taper fade with a flat top and sharp fade will undoubtedly leave you with a polished and confident appearance that turns heads wherever you go.

Afro Top With Lightning Bolt Design

The next hairstyle for guys with type 4 or kinky hair is an Afro top with a mid-taper fade and a lightning bolt-shaved design. This striking style mixes kinky hair’s inherent texture with crisp lines and sharp edges.
The front hair is kept longer and kinky to achieve this haircut. Brushing and shaping the hair creates a well-defined Afro pattern that embraces natural texture and volume.
Meanwhile, the sides and back are tapered to match the longer top. Razor lines create a lightning bolt motif on one side, giving innovation and individuality to the look.
The Afro top, mid-taper fade, and lightning bolt pattern create a unique haircut that highlights natural hair texture and modern style. For individuals who want to stand out and express their flair, it’s perfect.

Taper Cut With Cross And Waves

The cross design is a well-known symbol often worn by devoted Christians to express their faith through their personal style. The hairstyle we’re exploring here is a side-part tapered cut featuring a distinctive cross and waves design on the back.
To achieve this look, the hair on the front is left longer and styled in a sleek side-part combover. Meanwhile, the hair on the sides and back is expertly trimmed in a mid-taper fade. The standout element of this hairstyle is the cross design on the back, which is connected to a wavy line, creating a truly unique and meaningful pattern.
The cross can be seen as a symbolic representation of Christian beliefs, while the wave design adds an artistic touch. Together, they create an allegorical image of a cross standing atop a mountain, capturing both religious and natural elements.
This hairstyle not only showcases your faith but also demonstrates your individuality and attention to detail. By combining a side part tapered cut with the cross and waves design, you’ll possess a hairstyle that reflects both your personal style and your deep-rooted beliefs.

Faux Hawk With Design

The faux hawk and Taper designs fade combine to create a trendy and eye-catching hairdo. It’s vital to talk with your barber to keep the hair on top medium-length in the front and slightly shorter in the back, much like a typical fade cut.
A razor can be used to refine the design. Strong hold styling wax is essential for styling this look. After blow-drying your hair, add wax and start tugging it up, twisting the tips, and repeating until your desired spiky result is obtained.
This hairdo expresses confidence and style and lets you express yourself. The faux hawk and taper fade offer a dynamic and trendy look that will make a statement. Strong grip styling wax keeps hair spiked and edgy all day.

Low Taper Fade With Nape Design

The taper fades with a unique design and offers a distinct variation from the conventional styles. In this particular version, the low Taper designs fade is executed, with the fade ending at the same level as the top of the ear.
What sets this hairstyle apart is the placement of the design, which deviates from the usual practice of cutting it into the side. Instead, the motif is delicately carved into the nape of the neck, making this popular haircut unique and eye-catching.
This inventive touch adds surprise and personality to the outfit. Incorporating the motif in an unexpected area brings attention to the neckline and creates a unique look. For people who want to make a statement and show off their style, this taper fade is perfect.

Mushroom Cut With Web Design

A low taper fade, spiderweb design, and mushroom cut provide an eye-catching look. This haircut is fashionable and low-maintenance. Wavy hair works too, but straight hair works best.
The sides and back are cut in a low taper fade to gradually shorten the hair. The mushroom shape is achieved by clipping the front straight and leaving it longer. The razor-lined spiderweb on the rear is the main feature.
This haircut helps you express yourself and exhibit your originality. It looks great. This mushroom cut with a spiderweb design looks great on straight or wavy hair.

High Taper Fade With Slick Design

This taper fade hairstyle stands out. To achieve this style, a skilled barber must use razors. Barbers can sharpen and polish this hairstyle.
The meticulous design ensures that every line and curve is flawlessly applied, creating a unique and exquisite look. Its sharpness derives from neatness and detail.
Finding a qualified barber who can execute your idea is crucial. Their skill and precision will ensure that the design matches the taper fade, giving you a confident and unique hairdo.
You may confidently flaunt this distinctive taper fade hairstyle and enjoy its sharp, polished look by trusting your hair to a qualified professional. Slick Back Fade with Freestyle Design.

Bowl Cut With Spiderweb Design

The bowl-cut hairstyle with a spiderweb design will offer you a mysterious and treasured look. It looks great on straight and wavy hair, making it versatile.
This style is achieved with a low taper fade on the sides and back. Bowl cuts have a longer front part and a straight bowl shape. Razor-lined spiderwebs offer aesthetic flair and distinctiveness to the overall image.
Highlighting your hair with blonde will provide contrast and make you stand out.
You can express your originality and personality with this bowl-cut haircut with a spiderweb motif. You’ll stand out with its unearthly look and blonde highlights.

Mohawk Taper Fade With Design

To achieve this particular hairstyle, it is essential to communicate your desired look clearly to your barber. Instruct them to leave the hair on top longer while creating a Taper designs fade on the sides and back. This creates a striking contrast between the long hair on top and the shorter, faded sides.
Styling this look involves using a strong hold styling wax. After blow-drying your hair to ensure it is dry and manageable, apply the wax evenly throughout. Begin by spiking the hair up, working from the roots to create height and texture. Then, twist the hair at the top to add an extra touch of style and personality.
This hairstyle with its spiked and twisted top is a fantastic way to showcase your individuality and confidence. Its edginess and modernism make it versatile. Following these styling steps, you can effortlessly rock this trendy, attention-grabbing look.

Slick Back Fade With Freestyle Design

The slick back with fade hairstyle is classic and stylish. This look is achieved by leaving the front hair longer and fading the sides and back. A taper fades undercut on the sides and rear adds refinement and precision to the style discussed.
Using hair pomade, the longer hair in the front is brushed backward to achieve the Slick back effect. Razor lines around the neck add a freestyle design. A mix of patterns creates a gorgeous design.
This haircut shows your attention to detail and gives your look a particular touch. The freestyle design and slicked-back hair provide a unique look. When done well, the outcome is stunning and sure to turn heads.

Classic Top + Curved Line

If you want to create drama without overdoing it, try a curved line on the side of your hair. To create this fashionable style, keep the hair on top medium-length and gradually fade the sides.
Curved lines add visual interest to the design. Precision razor work or hair blending can create this curving line.
Versatility is this style’s charm. Whether you like a subtle curve or a strong statement, the side curved line enables you customize the look.
A well-executed curved line and suitable length and fade on the sides can create a fashionable and eye-catching haircut. It shows your flair and adds uniqueness.

Broccoli Cut With Cross Design

A broccoli cut and cross-design hairdo provide a striking look that’s easy to attain. This hairstyle works great for males with wavy hair.
A slight Taper designs fades on the sides and back creating this clean, polished look. This haircut is named because of the sloppy, lengthier front part that resembles broccoli florets. The look is whimsical and unique with this textured and casual front style.
This hairstyle’s razor-lined back cross is its highlight. This design feature adds a minor yet intriguing aesthetic detail.
This shaved hairstyle is excellent for a laid-back look. Its broccoli cut, low taper fade, and cross design create a simple and unique aesthetic.

Tapered Curly Top With Heart Design

Curly top haircuts are popular among young men who want to stand out. Look at the high taper fade sides and back of this hairstyle. The front hair is left longer and unkempt to embrace its natural curls.
A shaved heart motif on the back near the nape adds flair. This design feature creates a stunning focal point that will impress.
This haircut is perfect for everyday wear, helping you stand out and feel confident. I propose this style to all men with curly hair since it creates a unique and unforgettable look. Enjoy the attention and admiration this unique hairstyle brings.

Tapered Crop Cut With 3D Cross Design

The razor-cut crop cut is the last hairdo I’ll mention. This cross’s three-dimensional look is obtained by adding razor lines beneath the cross.
A low tapered fade on the sides and back gives this haircut a clean, polished look. Meanwhile, the front hair is left longer and dressed in a crop cut with a textured and spiky finish.
The big cross-design in this hairdo shows your Christian faith while giving you a fashionable, modern appeal. It’s a great way to show your beliefs while wearing a trendy hairstyle.
You can express your personal style and religious convictions with this crop-cut haircut with the 3D cross-design. For Christians who wish to express their creativity through their hair, it’s ideal.

Maintaining Taper Haircuts

Proper care keeps your taper haircut looking great. Four key taper haircut maintenance subheadings:
Washing and conditioning:
A good washing and conditioning routine is essential for hair health. Use hair-type-specific shampoo and conditioner. Wash and condition your hair regularly to remove oils and buildup and keep it hydrated.
Trimming & Touchups:
Maintaining your taper haircut requires regular trimming and touch-ups. To keep the sides and back nicely tapered and the top length and style, see your barber or salon periodically. Trimming keeps your taper clean and even growing.
Recommended Haircare:
Following a haircare program can help preserve your taper haircut, along with washing and conditioning. Use pomades or waxes to style your hair and achieve the desired look. For optimal results, use products that match your hair type and style and apply them correctly.
Home Taper Care:
There are things you may do at home to maintain your haircut’s taper between barbershop sessions. Keep your hair tidy and trimmed using a good comb or brush. Learn fundamental trimming procedures to preserve your taper haircut between salon appointments.

These maintenance tips will keep your taper haircut fresh, fashionable, and well-groomed. Establishing a suitable haircare routine and scheduling regular barber or salon sessions can help you achieve the ideal look and maintain your taper haircut for a long time.

Choosing The Right Barber For Taper Haircuts

Taper haircuts can be styled for any occasion and can be easily changed. Formal events like weddings and business functions can be dressed up. To attain a classy look, try a beautifully combed side part or a slicked-back style with pomade or gel. With your Taper designs haircut, dress casually. Texturizing sprays or waxes provide hair movement and style. If you’re active or play sports, try a low-maintenance taper haircut with a shorter top and fading or buzzed sides. Finally, for parties and special occasions, try bolder styles like distinctive motifs or a more dramatic fade. Taper haircuts are versatile and can be styled to suit your needs.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Here Are Some (FAQs) About Taper design:

What is a taper haircut?
A tapered haircut is a hairstyle characterized by gradually fading the hair from longer lengths on top to shorter lengths on the sides and back. This creates a tapered effect, where the hair gradually blends into the skin.

How long does a Taper design haircut last?
The duration of a taper haircut depends on the individual’s hair growth rate and personal preference. On average, taper haircuts can last anywhere from two to four weeks before needing a trim or touch-up to maintain the desired shape and length.

Can I get a Taper design haircut with long hair?
Taper haircuts are generally more suited for shorter to medium-length hair, as the fading effect is more noticeable with shorter hair on the sides and back. However, it is possible to get a taper haircut with longer hair by opting for a long taper or blending the longer hair into shorter sections for a softer transition.

How do I style a taper haircut at home?
Styling a taper haircut at home is relatively easy and versatile. Pomades, waxes, and styling creams can be used to create sleek, glossy, or tousled styles. Use your fingers or a comb to style the hair according to your desired outcome.

Can women rock a taper haircut?
Absolutely! Taper haircuts are not limited to any specific gender and can be styled and adapted to suit women as well. Many women have embraced taper haircuts and rocked them with confidence, showcasing their individual styles and personality.


taper haircuts offer a world of versatility, style, and adaptability for individuals seeking a trendy and polished look. From classic designs to modern variations, there is a taper haircut to suit every preference, hair type, and occasion. Finding a skilled barber who specializes in taper haircuts is crucial for achieving the desired result and maintaining the haircut’s shape and precision. By following a proper haircare routine, including regular trims and at-home maintenance, you can ensure your taper haircut remains fresh and well-groomed. Whether you’re attending formal events, embracing a casual everyday style, or leading an active lifestyle, taper haircuts provide a versatile and stylish option. With their clean and sleek aesthetic, taper haircuts have become a timeless choice for individuals seeking a refined and fashionable appearance. So, embrace the taper haircut that resonates with your personal style and rock it with confidence on any occasion.

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